A story about the color blue…..

I have a confession to make.  I am a brown-eyed girl.  Actually, not even brown.  It’s really more of an amber color.  In my younger years, I didn’t exactly love the color—at all!  And, as most brown-eyed girls are wont to do, I spent a good chunk of my adolescence wishing for blue eyes. In fact, I went through a spectacularly classy blue contact lens phase in the 90s.  It was……terrifying.  At the time, though, I truly believed I was living on the cutting edge of high fashion.  To my great dismay, pictures tell a MUCH different story.  The reality is, I was just meant to be an amber-eyed individual.  Truth be told, now, as an adult, I love my eye color.  It isn’t one that you often see, and I fully embrace the uniqueness of the color (even if a boy did once tell me that they were the color of diarrhea.  Hopefully he’s since improved his compliment game.).   I certainly didn’t arrive at this level of acceptance quickly, though.  In fact, I didn’t get over myself until I had a child of my own. Continue reading “A story about the color blue…..”


But, what if no one reads it?

Honest truth? <—–what you will always get from me, by the way.  I’ve resisted blogging for a very long time, mainly because of that question.  I mean, why should I blog???!!!   The truth is, I could have the exact same conversations in my head and, between the vast abyss of the internet, the TLDR (too long, didn’t read) nature of our society and the phenomenally craptastic reach of Facebook, I would reach exactly the same number of people:  myself.  But, then again, what if someone does read it?  And, what if that one someone nods their head in agreement because they, too, feel the same way I do about something (anything!)?  Well, then we’ll be buddies, that one someone and I.  And, that one someone and I will nod in agreement together over a variety of topics and then (!!!), I’m not having a conversation with just myself any longer.  So, maybe you’re that someone and we’ll nod in agreement together from time to time?  In that case, Hi Friend!  Thanks for stopping by!

I don’t know how often I’ll blog.  Once a week seems like a long-shot, considering the chaos of my life (wife, mom, all-around-semi-adequate-superhero, solving household problems, one blown-out-of-proportion crisis at a time).  Once a month seems attainable, but also, because of said chaotic life, likely something I’ll forget to do.  So, I think we’re probably going to go with a “when the mood strikes” kind of a schedule.  Hopefully, I’ll remember to write the blogs down instead of just having the conversation in my head and you, new friend, won’t forget about me in the interim.

It’s true, the only person who reads this might be myself (as I’m writing it, and then 10,000 times after I publish it, because I’m obsessive like that).  But, even if I’m that tree in the forest with no one around to hear it fall, at least *I’ll* know I made a noise, albeit a tiny one.  So, here’s to a new adventure in blogging.


PS.  More honest truth.  I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to WordPress.  Yet!